Charles Herbert Steavenson – Belmont Manager

Many thanks go to Christine Newson for sharing this fantastic piece of family history research, i’ve only included some key points below but her original includes his complete life story.

Charles Herbert Steavenson

  • 1867 : Born Crook, Durham, Son of Addison Langhorne Steavenson, Chief Mining Engineer for Bell Brothers.
  • 1883 : Elected North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers,  Student, Durham
  • 1888 : Granted First Class Certificate of Competency as a Manager of Mines Managers Certificate Number: 69 (1st), District: Durham

  • 1890 : Manager Brotton Mines  Morrison & Co. Brotton
  • 1895 : Married Ada Marie Askew at Guisborough
  • 1896 – 1915 : Manager Redheugh Colliery, Durham

 Ada and Charles with Addison and Anna Maria  c. 1912

  • 1915 : Manager of Belmont Ironstone Mine in Guisborough
  • 1926 : Retired and devoted his time to art.

 Park House painting (mine managers house at Skelton Park, a Bell Brothers Mine)

  • 1951 :  died at Todhills Durham

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