South Skelton Fatality – George William Jackson – 08 Apr 1897

Aged 27, Miner, Killed instantly by a fall of stone from the roof of his working place.

1897 Mines Inspectors Report (C 8819), Durham District (No. 4) by R. D. Bain, H.M. Inspector of Mines, Page: 10

No. 157 on the list occurred at South Skelton Mines, belonging to the Clay Lane Iron Company, Limited, on April 8th, causing the death of a miner.

The deputy, when making his examination previous to the shift commencing, found that the stone forming the roof of the place where the deceased man and another were to work, was not safe, and he told them both not to go into the place until a baulk was put up. They, however, walked straight in, took their clothes off, and took their drills, &c. into the face, and just as they got there some of the stone fell and killed this man.

This is one of the accidents that should not have happened, and if these men had done as they were instructed by the deputy, and kept out of the place until it had been made safe it would not have been my duty to record this accident.

Acts of Parliament and rules are passed and drawn up for the safety and protection of persons employed, but if they are not carried out, as in this case, they become absolutely useless.

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