Skelton Park – Nissen Huts

Member of Cleveland Mining Heritage Society hard at work today at Skelton Park, their long-term commitment to Skelton Park has been key to securing this project funding.

The structure being extracted from the undergrowth today is something of a mystery and may not have originally been related to the ironstone mine, they could be Nissen huts related to a rifle range a short distance to the west, they are not shown on the 1915 OS map, but are in position by 1928 and appear on this 1938 photograph around the time the mine closed.

They also appear to be raised up on a brick wall with a drainage channels in between, which is different from the standard hut which is a simple metal semi-circle.

Also the three buildings were raised up about 5 ft on a long platform, perhaps suggesting the need to get something on and off rail carriages.


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