Slapewath Fatality – George Larder – 13 Apr 1881

Aged 24, Onsetter, crushed by cage at pit bottom, he attempted to clear away some stone lying at the pit bottom while the cage was descending.

1881 Mines Inspectors Report

No. 9 on the list took place at Slapewath Mine, causing the death of George Larder, an assistant onsetter. It appears that a tub of stone having been upset in the sump of the shaft, a rap was given and cages stopped. The two onsetters then began to clear the stone out of the shaft bottom, while another man watched the cage with the full tub in, which was just about eight feet up the shaft. While they were doing this the banksman gave two raps as a signal that they were waiting ; then a young man names Thomas Mann, who had no business to touch the rapper, went and rapped one, to go to bank, and the engineman drew the full cage up, and the descending cage came down on to Larder, who was still in the sump, although the man was watching the cage, and the other onsetter shouted to him as soon as the cage moved. Thomas Mann committed a breach of the rules by rapping; he was taken before the magistrates and fined 10s., including costs.

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