One thought on “Skelton Park Fatality – Thomas Elcoate – 21 Apr 1904

  1. I am unable to find a reasonably “good fit” for Thomas. I thought I had narrowed him down to a Thomas Elcoat, born 1863 in Tow Law. This year of birth matches that give for his death registration. In 1901, this Thomas was a Colliery Hauling Engine Brakesman, living in Tow Law. However, in the 1911 census there is a Thomas Rd (Richard?) Elcoat, born 1863 in Tow Law, a Stationary Engineman, living as a visitor with a family in Chopwell, Co.Durham. The birth year, birthplace and occupations of the two Thomases strongly suggest these are one and the same. If he’s alive after 1904 he cannot be the right Thomas!

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