CIAS visit to Skelton Shaft – 20/5/2017

Saturday 20th of May saw a large turn-out of Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society and Cleveland Mining Heritage Society members on a visit to Skelton Shaft Mine, the site is on private property and requires the landowners permission to visit.

After a short walk from Skelton Park mine via the old firing range, the powder magazine was visited first, this is currently heavily overgrown and CMHS hope to get permission to clear the undergrowth from the structure to halt its further decline and allow it to be recorded.

The main structure remaining on the site is the Guibal Fanhouse, used to draw stale air from the mine (similar in design to the ones at Eston and Huntcliffe)
The undergrowth also needs to be cleared here, to allow the structure to be fully recorded for this project.

The structure is of special interest as it shows two phases of operation, originally as a steam powered guibal fan from the 1870s, later modified to be an electrically powered Sirocco fan in the 1930s.

Links are attached to the Listed building entries for the Fanhouse and Magazine
Below are a series of maps and plans prepared for the event.

Main Seam 1923
2ft Seam 1923
Modern with overlays

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