One thought on “Spa Fatality – Joseph White – 07 Jun 1883

  1. The North-eastern Daily Gazette, Friday 8th June 1883 reported thus:

    On Thursday morning a shocking fatal accident occurred in Messrs Gjers, Mills and Co.’s mines near Slapewath, Guisborough. The deceased, a comparatively young man, named Joseph White, who was recently returned from India, and who had, in fact, only been in the service of the firm for a few days, was working on a board alone, his “mate” being off for the day. At half-past ten o’clock he was seen following his employment, and the workings were then apparently in a safe condition; but a heavy fall of stone had shortly afterwards taken place, for the body was found at eleven o’clock by Mr John Tate, a deputy. The body was frightfully mangled.”

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