One thought on “Belmont Fatality – William Lowther – 18 Jun 1873

  1. William would appear to have been the son of Richard and Ann Lowther. In 1861 the family was living in New Road, Guisborough. Richard was an ironstone miner and the family comprised, at that date, three daughters and three sons, who had been born alternately girl-boy-girl-boy-girl-boy. In 1871 the family was now living in Cleveland Street, Guisborough and had grown by one, Elizabeth, who maintained the alternating sex pattern of the births. In this census, both William and his older brother, John, were shown as Drivers in the ironstone mines. The living must have been relatively easy for this family at this stage, with three wage packets coming into the house.

    There is, however, some doubt as to William’s true age. In both censuses his age is consistently given (5 and 15 respectively). However, Richard and Ann had a son William baptised at Guisborough in 1855. In that register entry Richard’s occupation was shown as a Tanner. Pushing back to the 1851 census to check what his occupation was then, Richard, Ann and their 8-month old daughter, Jane, were living in Byers Green, County Durham and Richard was shown as a Coke drawer. Perhaps he took up being a Tanner simply to have employment immediately after moving to Guisborough, and before he settled on becoming an ironstone miner.

    Whatever William’s real age was, whatever his father’s first employment in Guisborough had been, the loss of one out of three wages must have hit the family hard.

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