3D Photogrammetry

Since the start of the project we’ve been learning how to get a good set of photos for producing 3D models via photogrammetry .

As practice we took over 500 photographs of the Zetland Lifeboat in Redcar, learning which areas the software had trouble interpreting.


A fireplace at Skelton Park mine, demonstrates the problem of blue edges from the sky because we currently have no aerial photos to define the edge of the stones more clearly. Also an issue with a floating beam partially displayed.


Skelton Park Powder House is a more complete model as photos were taken from 360 degrees, however it still highlights some difficulties with  see-through roofs with missing tiles, where the internal structure cannot be seen.

2 thoughts on “3D Photogrammetry

  1. Chris,
    I can see two possibilities for addressing the blue sky on the fireplace.
    1. If the number of images with sky is not excessive, this can be easily removed using Photoshop
    2. Since you can set your 3D graphic against a background of your choice, you might be able to mitigate its appearance a little by creating a background using colour samples from the sky areas.
    Neither may prove suitable but an experiment with both might give some more clues as to other techniques. As you say, you’re still learning.

    • It is possible to manually trim it out of the 3D model, but ultimately the easiest way if you have photos of the top of the wall, then the 3D model is better too.

      That’s where the drone comes into play !

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