Spa Wood Fatality – Sidney Frank Ord – 20 Jul 1914

 Aged 20, Labourer, deceased was assisting to repair the road, at a curve, on a tramway leading to the shale tip; he foolishly stood inside the curve as a full set went up; the last tub got off the way and fouled a roller, with the result that the sudden strain on the rope pulled out all the curve rollers, allowing the rope to fly and catch deceased, who died in a few hours


2 thoughts on “Spa Wood Fatality – Sidney Frank Ord – 20 Jul 1914

  1. Sidney Frank Carnell Ord, to give him his full name, was the second child, and first son, of Henry and Rosina Ord. In 1901 the family was living at 66 and 68 Church Street, Guisborough. Henry was an ironstone miner, working below ground. Ten years later, the family has moved to 21 Belmangate, Guisborough. Henry is now a Deputy in the mines and Sidney is also working in the mines, in the Telephone Cabin. After his death in the mining accident, Sidney was buried in Guisborough Cemetery on 23rd July 1914.

    Given the common surname between this death and the previous one, I will investigate further to see if there is any family connection between these two Ords.

  2. I’ve had a good root around on both Ancestry and Findmypast and there doesn’t seem to be any connection between these two families – just one of those “Ord” coincidences!

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