Skelton History Group – Valley of Industry Walk

Sunday: July 23rd – Valley of Industry – Duration 3-3½ hours
Meet at 10:30am in the car park area on the north side of the road through the valley, on the site of
the old shale tip (NZ 652 156), opposite Margrove Caravan Park. This what I call a “frying pan” walk:
a stretch of out-and-back with a circular loop stuck on the end. During this walk, we’ll investigate the
remains of three industries: alum making, ironstone mining, and brick and tile making. Our route will
make extensive use of a fourth industry, the railways, as we walk along the old track bed. We will
also hear about the self-help scheme that was set up in the valley during the depression years of the

A small charge of £2 per person will be made on each walk to offset the costs of Insurance. Please
wear appropriate footwear and have clothing suitable for the likely weather conditions on that day.
On walks of over two hour’s duration, it is suggested that you bring food and drink as we usually
stop around halfway for a lunch break.
Further details can be had from: or by contacting Peter Appleton
(Tel: 01287 281752)

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