Skelton Park Fatality – Hugh Rowe – 17 Aug 1883

Aged 32, Miner, explosion of a shot; had lighted two shots in a place, one of them not going off at the time he went back too soon, when it exploded

1883 Mines Inspectors Report (C 4078), Durham District (No. 4) by Thomas Bell, H.M. Inspector of Mines, Page: 216

No. 22 on the list was also caused by a shot at Skelton Park Mine. Machines are used in this mine for drilling the shot holes where several are drilled at once. In this case there were six shots to be fired, and three of them had already been fired, one at a time, but the fourth and fifth were lit up together by the miner, who then retreated to a place of safety 23 yards away. When the first shot went off the deceased said to a man who was with him that he thought they had both gone off, and he immediately went back to the face, although his companion said he had better wait a little as he only heard one explosion. The other shot exploded as he was approaching it, and he was killed. He had previously been told by the manager that he was not to fire more than one shot at once, although there was nothing said in the special rules to prevent it. (These special rules are now in the course of being altered, so as to prevent more than one shot being fired in a place at one time.)

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