Skelton Park Mine – Bat Survey

Members of the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust and volunteers from the newly formed Cleveland Bat Group carried out a survey at Skelton Park Mine on 30th September.

After the bats emerged at sunset, three groups walked over the mine site with Magenta heterodyne detectors that allowed us to listen to the bats echolocation calls as they flew around, assuming you had tuned to the correct frequency, as each species has a unique call.

Each group also carried an Anabat detector which recorded all the bat calls for later analysis and identification.

One member of the group also had their own ‘Echo Meter Touch 2‘ connected to an iPad which provided a real-time identification of the species we were hearing.

The majority of the calls belonged to either the Common Pipistrelle

Head & body length: 35mm – 45mm
Wingspan: 200mm – 235mm
Weight: 3g – 8g

Or the Brown Long-Eared Bat

Head & body length: 37mm – 52mm
Wingspan: 230mm – 285mm
Weight: 6g – 12g

Photos by: Mnolf – No bats were handled during the survey.

If you have any queries about the new Cleveland Bat Group, please contact Sarah Barry on 01287 636382 or email her at or

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