History in Old Bricks

Even when no visible buildings remain, there are sometimes still clues to be found !
Very often mine owners had their own brickworks and those named bricks often end up scattered around after demolition or reused in nearby buildings.

Below is a small selection of my own photos, I would love to see any additional ones.

Bell Brothers were involved in the ironstone mines at Skelton Park and Skelton Shaft from the early 1860s. Their blast furnaces were at the Clarence Works on the North bank of the Tees opposite Middlesbrough.  The company became absorbed into Dorman, Long and Company in 1902.

Bolckow, Vaughan and Company are associated with the Eston mines from around 1850 and also the mine at North Skelton. Their blast furnaces were located at the ‘Eston Ironworks’ by the River Tees. They finally became absorbed into Dorman, Long and Company in 1929.

The Pease family name is heavily associated with banking, railways and industry in the local area. The distinctive light coloured bricks make up most of the buildings in Saltburn, but can also be found on their mining site at New Marske (Upleatham), Lingdale and Loftus. The company name survived until around 1952.

Normanby Brickworks operated under many names from 1883 right up until 1971. The location is now the Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park

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