Aysdalegate Mine – run by a violent drunkard who made a fortune

Aysdalegate was a very short-lived mine, with production only taking place on the site between 1877 and 1880. It was owned by William Barningham who has been described as a ‘violent drunkard who made a fortune’

The remaining ironstone in the area was worked from Spa Wood at a later date, although pillars were left to support the houses and farm (inside the thick black line)
The edge of that area being under the sharp bend at the bottom of Birk which I previously reported on having suffered from subsidence in 1929.

The small roundabout is a capped 268ft deep mine shaft.

The large detached building at the east end of the terrace was the winding house for this shaft.

The other houses in the terrace are the workshops for the mine, with the large house at the west end being the mine managers house.

7 thoughts on “Aysdalegate Mine – run by a violent drunkard who made a fortune

  1. The 1891 census shows one of my great-great grandfathers, Henry Woods, living at Aysdale Gate Pit. The index database records him as Henry WOOLS but it is undoubtedly my great-great grandfather. Ten years later he is living at 48 Margrove Park and ten years later still (in 1911), still living at 48 Margrove Park, he is shown as a Nightwatchman at Mine Above Ground. I wonder which pit he was watching over?

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