Skelton Park Ironstone Mine

Lease Holders

  • 1868– 1923 : Bell Brothers
  • 1923 – 1938 : Dorman Long and Company


  • 1871 – Production starts
  • 1878 – Walker compressed air drills introduced
  • 1910 – Mine electrified
  • 1938 – Production ends

Skelton Park Mine is the most complete set of ironstone mining buildings left in Cleveland.

In 1987 the five principal buildings at Skelton Park Pit were Listed at grade II. In 1995, Skelton Park Pit was included in a national survey of iron mining sites for English Heritage’s Monuments Protection Programme. It was described as being “by far the best iron mining site nationally”.

Members of the Cleveland Mining Heritage Society  have spent much time in recent years maintaining the area to prevent further deterioration of the site.


Catalogue of Cleveland Ironstone Mine (Peter Tuffs, Cleveland Ironstone Series, 2003)

Skelton Park Ironstone Mine (Simon Chapman, Cleveland Ironstone Series, 1999)

Please note that Skelton Park entirely on private property, please do not enter without prior permission.